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Looks like Community Notification of the Registry is more than a hit list for just Murderers.

Everyone loves the Department of Justice study that was done in 1997 looking at offenders released in 1994. The government has rehashed the study and done their best to make sex offenders look very bad. The study was reevaluated in 2001,…

National RSOL

A Child is Sexually Abused Every Two Minutes

I have heard it said that a child is sexually abused every two minutes. This is the position many proponents take when they present an article for their cause. Actually, when I started searching for this on the internet, it was pretty much fill in the blank, because there is no consistency in numbers, there […]


Are you a sociopath? A sexual sadist? Are you sure?

In 2007, a little boy named Christopher Barrios was sexually abused, tortured for days, and murdered by a mentally disabled man and that man’s father with his mother complicit. The father is on death row, and the mother is serving…